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Harry Styles' style evolution

Harry Styles' style: From 1D to dreamy

Wallpaper and background photos of OTRA - London for fans of Harry Styles images.

do you think harry speaks slowly in interviews because he is thinking of what to say because if he speaks too fast, then he could say something he could regret bc the media would completely overthink it and turn it into a cover story? or maybe he just speaks slowly... i love harry bye

this picture makes me feel something i cant quite decipher and i just feel so emotional right now. i feel so proud. i just want them to be happy and do what they love and i just dont know how thye are so perfect and UGH.

.∙•✦ ᴘɪɴᴛᴇʀᴇsᴛ: @radVibess ✦•∙.

I have a crush on ur mind, i fell in love with ur personality any your look is just a big bonus ❤️❤️i love u for who u are😍

I'm thinking about skipping school, running away, and going to live on the beach, who's with me?

Saved this. Set this as my wallpaper. Beautiful human being. He's not even my favorite. Niall is. But hot damn, Harry Styles. This picture was foun.

Harry Styles | OTRA Helsinki, Finland 6.27.15 | @emrosefeld | ***follow my OTRA tour board for more HQ edits like this + gifs and videos*** |

Oh hello you eternal creature that was only a few meters away from me and I fell into a coma pls save me bye My OTRA