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Cool Colors Holiday Look Tutorial using pure, natural, organic makeup.

Baby Tiger natural Halloween makeup: Using either our Halloween Makeup Sets or just our individual products, you can make beautiful Halloween looks that are pure, natural, and healthy for your little tigers.

Cotton balls, peroxide, and witch hazel. My mom made this mixture for me all you do is put cotton balls in a ziplock bag add as much peroxide and witch hazel but make sure its equal between the two. This gets rid of acne it also helps with dark spots or scars. You must be consistent though. I use it at bed time and its done my skin good. The peroxide also bleaches hair on your face! This stuff works. P.s be sure to not get it on your eyebrows too much or those will also get lighter from the…

Step 1: Apply shade #3 from Notice Me Nudes Eye Shadow Quad all over eyelid Step 2: Line the top of the eye with Liquiline Blast Liner in Black Fire Step 3: Line the inside of eye with shade #1 from Notice Me Nudes. Follow the line beneath the waterline Step 4: Use Liquiline Blast Eyeliner in Silver Spark and apply just beneath the white shadow Step 5: Apply Katy Kat Mascara in Very Black to upper and lower lashes. Use multiple coats for added volume

Our Perfect Pearl Powder comes from Mother of Pearl, also known as pearl nacre, the beneficial biomass that gives birth to each precious, pearly gem. This biomass contains the same nutrients and compounds as the pearl itself, making it a more affordable alternative to crushed pearls with exactly the same benefits.