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One of the most under utilised and useless female characters EVER. I've read Victorian era novels with better female role models in it.

You shall Not Pass!!! Harry Potter Funny

Hit it Gandalf! Harry Potter 'Thou shall not pass'. Actually, in the Lord of the rings book he says you can not pass.

This is why we never go to the bathroom alone!

Funny pictures about Why girls go the the bathroom together. Oh, and cool pics about Why girls go the the bathroom together. Also, Why girls go the the bathroom together.

I'm guessing Luna didn't get the "dark clothes" memo...

I seriously laughed out loud on this and I am not sure why. "Let's play a hard game called.FIND LUNA">>> Yes this game is so "hard.

Not crying. Not crying. Fine..... crying a little. Uhg.. fine...... crying A LOT.... who am I kidding? I am crying REALLY HARD.

[gif] you will lose everything and everyone you hold dear. I am pinning to geek because I don't know if I should pin this on my Hunger Games board or my Harry Potter one.

I have never read & never intend to read Twilight, but I can still laugh at this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:P

Another reason why Harry Potter is Better than Twilight. Whenever I see things saying Twilight is better than Harry Potter, it seems as if they get more and more pathetic. Just like the Twilight fans.