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paint the walls black and scream fuck the world cause it's my life im gonna take it back and never for a second doubt yourself

Azun? It's going to be difficult to find one set form for the Watcher.... (YES FINE I admit it. The Watcher has a name and it is Azun.)

Fiasco Magazine Photography - Elliott Morgan Stylist - Aiden Connor Make up - Salina Thind Model - Jake Cooper @ select model management.

"Upon my head [the witches] placed a fruitless crown and put a barren scepter in my grip, thence to be wrenched with an unlineal hand, no son of mind succeeding. For them the gracious Duncan have I murdered, only for them, and mine eternal jewel given to the common enemy of man to make them kings, the seeds of Banquo kings." Act 1 Scene 1  Maven

Maxwell Runko by Rakeem Cunningham for Fashionisto Exclusive

Day Break-Reuniting with stylist Wilford Lenov for another exclusive, photographer Rakeem Cunningham enlists Maxwell Runko of Two Model Management. Capturing a sun-kissed series of photos, Maxwell is photographed in casual young looks, bringing together o

unflavoredwaxedfloss20: by ryder_ripps http://ift.tt/1CyAdpn

homophobia is Straight actually bc it’s straight ppl who generally perpetuate it and also gay isn’t an insult it’s not that hard buddy

Alex Vause & Piper Chapman

Are these two really the actors that play Piper Chapman and Alex Vause in OITNB?

"Sup. I'm Zack. I can be a jerk sometimes but I'm a good daddy. Come on you sexy little girl."

Dopóki ktoś nas kocha, nieważne, kim jesteśmy i jak wyglądamy.