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Awesome Deer Jerky recipe, not too spicy and very easy to make at home in the oven, smoker or food dehydrator. (scheduled via

Watermelon Candy - Dried Watermelon (Dehydrator Recipe) (scheduled via

Oven Dehydrated Kale Chips (no dehydrator needed) (scheduled via

Homemade Crunchy Apple Chips

Homemade Crunchy #Apple Chips Recipe - Super easy to make and NO Dehydrator needed!. Your kids will love them! (scheduled via

The Rusted Vegetable Garden: How to Oven Dry/Dehydrate Cayenne Peppers from the Garden (In Pictures) (scheduled via

how to preserve oven dehydrated tomatoes and peaches from @Aimée Gillespie | Simple Bites on (scheduled via

Cheezy Kale Crackers are a less-naughty choice for all of your carby winter cravings. (scheduled via

Getting Started with Home Food Drying

Great article. Everything you need to know about food Drying ! (scheduled via

How to Dehydrate Food in An Oven

How to Dehydrate Food in An Oven. Click on picture to go to this website with all the instructions you will need. I've using a dehyrator for years but this sounds really easy AND I can dehydrate and warm my house on cold winter days....a plus! (scheduled via

Natural Cinnamon Apple Fruit Leather (scheduled via