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SPEARMINT OIL…Chill out with the cooling essence of this sweet mint. Its pure essential oil refreshes the body, especially on hot, humid days. Simply add several drops to water for a cooling body bath or foot wash.

WATER is the ultimate hydrating beverage for hot summer days because it regulates body temperature & prevents dehydration. Infuse with fresh strawberries, cooling mint and zesty lemons.

LAVENDER OIL....A drop or two of the aromatic oil directly on the skin relieves bug bites; add 10 drops to a tub of cool water for a sweet, floral bath that soothes sunburned skin.

LEMON OIL…Lighten things up with the crisp, refreshing citrus scent. It promotes clarity, concentration and clears away the mental cobwebs. Use in skin care blends to brighten the complexion and to control acne & oily skin.

FALL SCENT DIFFUSER BLEND...Capture the scent of all the spicy goodness of fall and fall treats with this simple diffuser blend: Combine 4 drops Orange Oil ~ 3 drops Cinnamon Oil ~ 3 drops Ginger

#PEPPERMINT OIL…The potent plant oil is a one-stop natural remedy relief in a bottle. It relieves tension headaches, clears the sinus, relaxes tense muscles, cools hot flashes, fights mental fatigue, and soothes minor skin irritations.

PATCHOULI OIL…The lingering musky-sweet, earthy aroma of #Patchouli makes a sensuous personal scent. The mood oil promotes creativity, balance and relieves anxiety. Add to hair & skin care blends to treat oily skin and dandruff.

AROMATHERAPY 101...#Aromatherapy is a branch of herbal medicine that uses essential oils extracted from plants and herbs to treat conditions ranging from infections and skin disorders to stress.

COCONUT OIL…This tropical oil is the perfect summer companion: It’s the perfect after-sun skin moisturizer and deep conditions hair after pool or beach.

Insect Repellent Recipe...Protect yourself on your next outdoors adventure with a chemical-free DIY mosquito/bug repellent spray. Use one or a combination of these oils for maximum effect with this standard recipe: In a spray bottle, blend 2 - 2 1/2 teaspoons of essential oil with 1 cup 190-proof grain alcohol. Shake well spray.