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i loove when hunter riders have a good two point! i feel like so many hunter riders puke up the neck


This is the collection of Realistic Animal Drawings. Animals are first appeared in the mural drawings, then in traditional art as paintings .

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Beautiful Friesian horse with autumn-red Virginia creeper on the backgound. Looks very elegant!


HOPE - Have Only Positive Expectations Inspirational Print / Cancer Gift / Motivational Gift / Gift for Friend / Typography Art


jump for joy ~ Miniature horse, Marshmallow. Doesn't he look like a stuffed animal?

yellow lab dog horse

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It's almost scary how similar a horse and rider act. Description from pinterest.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

It's almost scary how similar a horse and rider act. We fit together like pieces to a puzzle. -oh man so flipping true!

Teaching children that it is ok to oppress and force others against their will. Horse riding is cruel. An industry which breeds and discards hundreds of millions of horses when they are no longer of any use. Horses are. Ot property. No animal is.

So True.A stubborn pony is one of the best teachers a little girl can have. So thankful for all the stubborn ponies of my past :) Wouldn't be the rider i am today without them thats for sure!

Gypsy Vanner. I believe this is another pic of Tonka, if I am wrong, then it is his son Marley. Marley is still in the UK, Wales, and Tonka is deceased. LLK

Irish Cob Stallion - Seafield Stan~Meadows Seafield Stan is a beautiful heavy young stallion. Look at those feathers!

Love it!

I don't kiss toads and hope they turn into princes. I kiss princes (or stallions ;