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Nightmare neighbours: behind the chic facades of French apartment blocks

Proust had noisy neighbors upstairs also. "This note from Proust reads: 'Allow me to thank you Madame, from the bottom of my heart and ask you to convey my regards to the doctor while laying my respectful homage at your feet.'"

François MAURIAC : "Sur la tombe de Marcel PROUST" - Marcel PROUST autrement

*Proust letter from the WEBSITE of "Véritable légende vivante dans le Paris incandescent de la Belle Époque, la comtesse Greffulhe, née Élisabeth de Caraman-Chimay (1860-1952)" ;

Proust in Venice, May 1900 ( via Book Portrait-GoodReads

No 6 is on the far right, with the one dormer window and the four 2nd-floor windows. Virginia Proust, Proust's paternal grandnother, lived on the second floor for more than twenty years...looking out her window onto the square. Illiers-Combray (28) – Place du marché | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Marcel Proust-Radio Broadcast: "In this edition of Witness, Proust's friend, Prince Antoine Bibescu, recalls his conversations with the author and Proust's maid, Celeste Albaret, remembers his final hours." BBC World Service. Listen HERE: (

In Search of Proust’s Overcoat

Marcel Proust: Personal objects collected by Guérin. "'Proust’s Overcoat' tells the story of Jacques Guérin, a Parisian perfume magnate, who was obsessed with the works of Marcel Proust."(