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Nightmare neighbours: behind the chic facades of French apartment blocks

Proust had noisy neighbors upstairs also. "This note from Proust reads: 'Allow me to thank you Madame, from the bottom of my heart and ask you to convey my regards to the doctor while laying my respectful homage at your feet.'"

78 2 télégrammes de Marcel Proust à Céleste Albaret, l'un sur la mort de sa…

To Sydney Schiff:"To Monsieur and Madame Sydney Schiff. You alone seem to me what one constantly seeks.Dear Sydney I have a thousand things to write you. Don't go to live at the Ritz. Is this the paper you prefer, this seems better to me but I know nothing about it. Command and I shall obey. ... A thousand endearments dear Sydney and at the feet of Madame Schiff as much as you judge compatible with the respect of Marcel Proust. "

An Illiers-Combray blog, in French, with great photographs! "Si vous voulez écrire à Proust, il possède une adresse mail : et un site internet : (

Pianola (Aeolian Company) 1910 Will Topham ( In the Fall of 1912, Proust had an Aeolian automatic piano-player adapted to his grand piano. (William C. Carter's biography of Marcel Proust.)

Official website of Illiers-Combray. ;

See: No. 45 Marcel Proust : [exposition], Paris, Bibliothèque nationale, [juin-septembre] 1965 / [catalogue réd. par Florence Callu et Jacques Lethève, sous la dir. de Jean Adhémar et Marcel Thomas] ; [préf. par Étienne Dennery] | Gallica ;

"To Céleste Albaret:"To my dear Céleste, my faithful friend of eight years, but in reality so united in my thoughts that it would be more true to call you my friend of always, no longer being able to imagine that I haven't always known you, understanding his spoilt childhood past in his caprices of today, to Céleste croix de guerre because she endured Gothas and Berthas, to Céleste who has endured the cross of my moods, to Céleste croix d'honneur. Her friend Marcel."

MADAME-ARMAN-DE-CAILLAVET, her granddaughter, Simone (Mlle St. loup)