Left CHF

Left-sided heart failure occurs when the left ventricle is not pumping blood out of the lungs sufficiently. Because of this blood backs up into the lungs, resulting in pulmonary congestion –> patient develops crackles and dyspnea. Nursing Care: Pt’s.

Right sided heart failure

This picture was helpful in remembering the signs and symptoms of right sided heart failure. It helps me distinguish it from left sided heart failure so I did not get confused between the two types of heart failures.

I'm pretending to be studying for my renal exam tomorrow by pinning things about the renal system

Renal colic is the technical term used to describe the pain you experience when you have kidney stones. By the way, it's also the most intense pain known to man.

Left-Sided Heart Failure: “DO CHAP”  Cardiovascular Care Nursing Mnemonics and Tips: http://nurseslabs.com/cardiovascular-care-nursing-mnemonics-tips/

Cardiovascular Care Nursing Mnemonics and Tips

Pain-Topics News/Research UPDATES: New Views on Opioid Equivalency

New Views on Opioid Equivalency- good to know since I am allergic to most\/ all of the left side of this diagram. Here& to hoping I never get seriously injured!

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