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I want this in pink. amazing idea!

I want this in pink.

Unique Wedding Invitations * Custom Invitations - cool fonts! .... I'm still having a hard time selecting two. I really want a script and a typewriter style....hubby wants something sleek and modern.

Handmade Watercolor & Unique Custom Letterpress Wedding Invitations, Personalized Stationery, Greeting Cards & Art Prints

Tattoo Fonts: "I Love You To The Moon & Back" in the font satisfaction = My dream tattoo. Always font

Butterfly- i have carried this exact picture around in my wallet for 7 years, waiting for the right time to get my tattoo....it now represents even more to me... purple will be perfect  for awareness of Crohn's

Tribal Butterfly tat with the kids name weaved in nice idea

Wing Tattoos (i Want Some On The Back Of My Ankle, That Are Like The First Illustration On The Sixth Row, Since I Have Quite A Flighty Nature

wing tattoos wing tattoos wing of paradise

My tattoo for my mom. :)

But instead of the I love you an the years I want my mother's initials an my sisters initials.

When I become a marine biologist I'm going to get a small turtle tattoo on my ankle :)

Sea turtle tat for Galapagos

Viking rune symbols. I like the possibility of using them as a tattoo idea? :)

viking rune tattoo, viking runes and viking symbols.

Female Ankle Tattoos | 45 Stupendous Ankle Tattoos | CreativeFan

Female Ankle Tattoos but with ribbon and butterfly not flower

Tree of Gondor, Tolkien symbol, and Evenstar outlines going down spine (under my existing elvish script tattoo)

Tree of Gondor, Tolkien symbol, and Evenstar outlines going down spine (under my existing elvish script tattoo) Mais

♡ Latin translation: Knowledge  conquers all; Knowledge is Power ♡

♡ Latin translation: Knowledge conquers all;

One day, I want to be able to get this as a tattoo... I want to say that I am a survivor

I will have a survivor tattoo.

Possible tattoo...combining Libra/Sagittarius for husband/wife.....adding Virgo/Leo for kids????

Do you want to know about your zodiac signs? How about your unique traits based on your zodiac sign? If you are curious about your zodiac sign and its unique traits, here is a small list that you can look at.

Cross tattoo. I want this tattoo on the back of my neck!

Simple cross in this exact spot

tulip tattoo peony tattoo flower tattoo ankle tattoo tulip and peony ***would want something like this above the elbow at the back of my arm

Find the special ankle tattoo that really speaks to you.

I could totally incorporate this design into a tattoo and switch the words with my siblings names<3

pretty bird tattoos for girls - I like this idea but with my kids names

A possible idea for a garter tattoo?

Skulls Lace-tattoo idea but white