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Silly signs and funny traffic signs: Left lane ends. Go ahead, pull your huge suv in at the last minute. Everybody is ok with it!

I totally understand but like who would be that dumb. Obviously this has happened.

Funny pictures about That Really Awkward Sign. Oh, and cool pics about That Really Awkward Sign. Also, That Really Awkward Sign photos.

I can't decide what is more funny, the sign or the thought someone was staying and eating all the food...hahaha

"All you can eat buffet not mean all day buffet. You no come stay 4 hour. You eat - you go home" LOL!

That Sounds Relaxing... .. ... .. ...WARNING: 30 Funny Signs -

WARNING: 30 Funny Signs - Please Proceed Cautiously

I can forgive the bad english or getting lost in translation, but YOU had ONE JOB! These Funny signs from around the world

Sign before bridge: 'If you hit this sign, you’ll hit that bridge.' photo by josephleenovak

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