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Finnish café Fazer collaborated with the Moomin characters for the Tove100 festivities in Summer 2014 to create a Moomin themed cafe in Helsinki, Finland, featuring Moomin desserts such as cupcakes and ice cream sundaes #cutetravels

Jam Tarts from Finland

Jam Tarts from Finland - #sweetpaul

Finnish pancakes

Finnish pancakes are a cross between a Yorkshire pudding and a pancake, served with a sweet topping of your choice – what’s not to like?

This cake cafe has a #cake buffet. But for those seeking something slightly less gluttonous (like me for once) the slices are all cut in half... So you can order "one slice" but taste two pies. Genius! And it just so happens that I've caught the end of Finland's abundant #berry season which is cause for celebration! Pictured here is a classic #mustikkapiirakka (#blueberry #cheesecake) and a more modern #raspberry crumb bar. #Finland #Helsinki #pie

Dessert-aholic Heaven: Helsinki’s Karl Fazer Cafe Helsinki, Finland • As a chocolate lover, one of my favorite places so far in F...

Helsinki’s Best Cultural Restaurants: Art, Gastronomy and Finnish Heritage

HELSINKI, FINLAND // Restaurant Postres in 'Helsinki’s Best Cultural Restaurants: Art, Gastronomy and Finnish Heritage' //