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OBAMA DOCTRINE: SLASHES MILITARY AMIDST ISLAMIST UPRISING  We are in debt more than any country ever known.  How can we give Billions to Egypt but cut our own Military. Now is the time to make it stronger!  Iran could have Nuclear Missiles as soon as October.  Times are dangerous. Now is not the time to make our Military weaker but to make it stronger! Our warheads have already decreased from 2500 to 1500.  Mr. Obama would like to get it down to 200.  A strong  country is a safe country.

Generals Conclude obama BACKED al qaida Probe of Military Experts finds US 'switched sides' in terror war ?

9/11/12 Benghazi-Libya Victims. RIP Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, and Tyrone Woods. Remember them on 9/11...because it makes a difference!

RIP Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, and Tyrone Woods.NEVER FORGET!

Abandoned .   --  BUT    NOT    FORGOTTEN. You never had to die! It broke my heart knowing you waited for your country to come to your aid and WE LEFT YOU BEHIND We are still fighting for the truth!  WE DON'T LEAVE OURS BEHIND. THAT'S NOT HOW WE DO THINGS-Barack Obama (lying during Presidential Debate!)

The Navy Seals--- and Hillary Clinton has the NERVE to run for president? Let's send HER to Benghazi instead.

BENGHAZI - Obama had the might and the power of the ENTIRE UNITED STATES MILITARY AT HIS FINGERTIPS.  He watched these men fight for their lives for 7 hours on live video feed.  He heard them begging for backup. HE DID NOTHING TO HELP. HE LEFT THEM TO DIE.

President Obama Quote: "We leave nobody behind" - worst president in American history.

New evidence reveals that Hillary Clinton’s actions in Libya were not just disastrous policy, but a violation of U.S. anti-terrorism law.

Gen. Mike Flynn: Why Hillary's record on Libya is even worse than you think

An internal Obama administration email shows immigration officials are literally working overtime to swear in as many new citizens as possible before the Nov. 8 presidential election, a powerful lawmaker charged Thursday.

One major aspect of the Benghazi cover-up has been to denounce the words of witnesses in favor of higher officials’ assertions.

The latest batch of Hillary Clinton’s emails establishes beyond a doubt that she regularly received classified information.

Good Guy Obama Answers Little Girl’s Letter

Good Guy Obama Answers Little Girl’s Letter

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