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turnofthecentury: “ oldbookillustrations: This is a new additon to the galleries, from Dictionnaire encyclopédique Trousset, Paris, 1886 - 1891. ”

I cant believe Im pinning a Martha Stewart recipe, but here it is. Plastic bugs to make the impressions. When rolling out cookie (or any sweet) dough, use powdered sugar instead of flour and it will keep the dough from becoming too bland from too much flour. I didnt learn THAT from Martha... she still uses flour. Pssh.

Painted Bread...just use food coloring and milk and let them paint. Then toast the bread. Pretty cool idea :) by faye

Kids Movie night?? Get them to string on some goodies to make a necklace. Goodies such as - pretzels, Cocoa pop O's and other cereals etc - This idea is sure to keep them quiet and they will enjoy making them too!

{School Holiday Fun} Kids Craft Ideas

rainbowsandunicornscrafts: DIY Rock Monsters with Googly Eyes Tutorial from Coast Inspired Creations here. Truebluemeandyou: Something to do with the packs of googly eyes I bought from the Dollar Store last Halloween there is something about google eyes:

Lunch note jokes to stick in the kids' lunches! What a fun idea. Spring, Halloween, and regular ones

Draw a picture with glue, sprinkle salt, dip a paintbrush in water and food coloring and touch it to the will be mesmerized.