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This is my other favorite retail funny book!  SO TRUE!

This is my other favorite retail funny book!

Rant of a Retailer is my true-life adventures as a department store manager, complete with insane customers, worse employees, and one horrendous boss. This is a non-fiction, humorous book on.

Retail Robin bahaha staring at me from across the store is not the same as asking for help. "That's nice. That'll be..." Allllll day long. Hahahahah

Retail Robin is probably my new favorite meme - truth.

Retail Robin....The last one is funny

Yes cuz I just happen to know everything about you right?


Hahahah totally me!

Extras » Funny & Stupid Customer Stories – Not Always Right

Oh man, I love working in retail. Yes, some customers are EXACTLY like this!

Non retail people have no idea how true this is. Especially the if you have time to lean you have time to clean. That one. Bah. :P

Office vs retail jobs, the retail side is pretty accurate 😅

extensive experience in dealing with stupid people to my resume

Weekly dose of nursing humor! Nursing can be stressful. Join us for your weekly dose of humor. Laughter certainly is the best medicine.

Working in retail   http://ift.tt/2aiUeFL via /r/funny http://ift.tt/2a3TtDx  funny pictures

Working in retail

Funny pictures about What It's Like Working In Retail. Oh, and cool pics about What It's Like Working In Retail. Also, What It's Like Working In Retail photos.

Pharmacy humor!

5000 times a day.

25 Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up Working In Retail

25 Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up Working In Retail -- too relatable


Pretending I'm a pleasant person all day is exhausting! Some days I just can't do it!

If only I had a crystal ball.....

I'm gonna place you on hold, then tell my coworkers how much of a dumbass you are. As an ex-BT Directories Enquiry Operator, this isn't paranoia they actually do it!

Customer service. always the best!

Customer service. always the best!

#15 has some unnecessary language, but the rest is pretty much my life! Oh yeah, living the customer service dream!!;)

19 Pictures That Will Make People Who Have Worked At Retail Laugh - Oh good Lord, yes!"---- I've never worked before but it's still funny

burn shit fuck work meme - Google Search

Mostly people don't ever call me back so then I feel like a stalker trying to get basic questions having to call over and over its ridiculous! Yup pretty much