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Celebrating Women's History Month: Betty Friedan

Celebrating Women’s History Month: Betty Friedan

"Ain't I A Woman?" by Sojourner Truth Celebrate Women's History Month at www.goodmillennial.com

Celebrating Women’s History Month: Sojourner Truth

Betty Friedan, the founder of Feminism

Famous Women Talk Sex...

Betty Friedan 1921 - 2006 FEMINIST AUTHOR Her 1963 best seller, The Feminine Mystique — parts of which first appeared in GH — chronicled the unspoken unhappiness of women forced into restrictive roles, and helped change ideas about what women are

Live your dreams! #WomensHistoryMonth

Women’s History Month: 5 Women in Film Who Changed the Status Quo

Sojourner Truth's "Ain't I A Woman" Speech

Born into slavery in New York, Sojourner Truth eventually escaped and went on to become a renowned abolitionist and women’s rights activist.


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UK anti-Vietnam march (1969)

A student leans on his placard during an anti-Vietnam War demonstration at the US Embassy in London, England, (Photo by Harry Dempster/Daily Express/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

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