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Vì sao người tốt lại không được phúc báo?

chan kwok hung (in photos almost reminiscent of a norman rockwell painting) documents the life of buddhist monks in myanmar and china.


Novice buddhist monks in Shwe Yan Pyay Monastery, Myanmar

Mandalay, Myanmar // Captured by Steve McCurry

A young monk in contemplation, Mandalay, Myanmar. Mandalay is a city and former royal capital in northern Myanmar (formerly Burma) on the Irrawaddy River.

Become a Buddhist Monk

Birmanie (Myanmar), Mandalay - Monastère de Mandalay - Devient un moine…

Child monk. Loving

Bubble's Play by Man-Kui Wisely

Photographies - Portraits - Matthieu Ricard - Moine - Monk - Médecin - Doctor - Little girl - Petite fille - Karuna Shéchen

A Tibetan monk-doctor takes the pulse of a nomad girl in a clinic. Tsatsa, Eastern Tibet, 2005 ~ photograph by Matthieu Ricard


Tibetan Dung-chen (Dungchen) Some relate the sound to mating dragons or roaring elephants

Ancient, Architecture, Asia

4 Buddhist Monks Habits That Are Hard to Adopt But Will Change Your Life Forever

Monks in Myanmar

young monks and their kitten, from the children of buddha series, central eastern burma, photograph by yury pustovoy

Tibet Sera Monastery Monks


Tibet Photo Tour - Photos of people and places in Lhasa Tibet

Sun monk in meditation practice.

Years of study and proven results has led many top athletes to train their minds as hard as their body, The outcome yields top success!

coal to diamonds sold to fools


photographer-steve-mccurry-galleries-buddhism by guimera via Slideshare

Through the Portal - Myanmar | Lisa Kristine

Lisa Kristine photograph "Through the Portal" in size x

Tibetan Music | Massage, Meditation, Yoga, Sleep, SPA - YouTube

Sikkim Festivals: A celebration of life, culture & nature

Ani Choying Drolma with her children, Arya Tara School, Nepal

Ani Choying Drolma with her children, Arya Tara School which she founded/Nepal