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many, many years ago i saw this movie, based on the Steven King novel with the same name, Pet Sematary...this little boy totally stole the entire film...he was SOOO good at his role, especially for being such a young age!!!

Miko Hughes, the most adorable homicidal zombie-toddler in cinematic history, holding a copy of Stephen King's "Pet Sematary." Miko made his film debut as little Gage Creed in the film adaptation of King's book in He was 27 months old.

I am in love with horror movies...even if some of ten scare me a little..

This one was kinda spooky. I thought the scariest part was when the teens were playing strip monopoly.

Silverscreen Terrors by theCHAMBA.deviantart.com (kinda surprised that they don't have Michael Myers in here)

an full colour multi-character commission for Mattie-san of a selection of some of his favourite Horror-related 'monsters' (used loosely for some of the characters) NOTE: since this is a comm.

...where is my Page, i need you.

Jack Skellington Art Nightmare Before Christmas Pumpkin King ♡ Disney ♡

Jack Nicholson

O Coringa com Jack Nicholson. The Joker's Jack Nicholson is the best. / Jack Nicholson’s Batman 1989 Tim Burton