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☼ Emily Dickinson ☼  Without a smile - Without a Throe  Emily Dickinson,  Amherst Manuscript, pencil on Envelope

The Gorgeous Nothings: Emily Dickinson’s Envelope Poems - facsimiles of her original writings on envelopes, full colour, full scale.

Nor would I be a Poet-/ It's finer- Own the Ear-/ Enamored- impotent- content-/ The License to revere,/ A privilege so awful/ What would the Dower be,/ Had I the Art to stun myself/ With Bolts- of Melody! ..Emily Dickinson

Ink Bottle Pen Old Letter Photograph - Ink Bottle And Pen by Garry Gay

feather pen and inkwell with old handwritten journal beneath; image taken from: relique-memoirs.tumblr.com

- They also have pen nibs called crow quills which are very very fine and small. They do lovely handwriting or drawing if you are inclined to do pen and ink drawing. Our teacher made us learn to use crow quills rather than felt tipped pens.