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My Next Tattoos,Body Mods

October 15th- Boleslavsky says that the gift of observation must be cultivated in every part of your body, not only in your sight, and memory. Ever since my character observation I have payed more attention to people around me. However, I am only observing them with my sight and memory. Boleslavsky confuses me when he says to observe with your body. I am not sure what that means.

i have grown a love for the human body because of my anatomy & physiology class. the axial skeleton is one of my favorites.

Daniel Mackie - Art Deco and Ukiyo-e Influenced Animal Illustration

The Green Man is a male aspect of the divine, shown in His summer glory. We have many artistic representatives of Him hanging on our walls and peaking out from obscure places. I am filled with peace and reminded of the strength of the forest whenever I see Him. This would make a good tattoo on my right arm, above my tree. I think this will be my next one