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Steampunk Thing from The Addams Family by Doktor A.I'm a steampunk person and this is AWESOME!

Friends apartment building in NYC

The apartment from F. The New York City property located at 90 Bedford Street in Manhattan is a Walk-Up Apt. Corner of Grove St in Greenwich Village Southwest of Manhattan New York City 10014

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Oh lordy,I have got to get me this bed curtain!I got my bed,not only to find the perfect,dark bed curtain!

After all, we are nearing Samhain, a pagan holiday that celebrates and reveres the dead. But perhaps the veil between the living and the dead is truly thinning. That's the lore of Samhain - on the night of the 31st, the one thing that shrouds us from the spirits passed weakens. That's why we set out plates of food for family members. That's why we place photos of them on our altars and why he hail them in ritual.

The veil is thin, honour your ancestors. We celebrate Samhain, a pagan holiday…

"you didn't love her. you just didn't want to be alone or maybe, maybe she was good for your ego or, maybe she made you feel better about your miserable life but you didn't love her because you don't destroy the person that you love." --truth.

You're not the breath I breathe, just the sweet scent that I enjoy. You're not the sights I see, just the the most beautiful of them. You're not the water I drink, just the flavor that makes it taste so good.

Kevin Sizemore-Princeton, WV native and actor. Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon.

Kevin Sizemore-Princeton, WV native and actor , producer.Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon .Woodlawn Dare to Believe.

$38 Adams Family Doc Bag- Fearless Weirdos

Adams Family Doc Bag- Fearless Weirdos me want

The house on Elm St in Westfield NJ that inspired the Adams Family.

The house on Elm St in Westfield NJ that inspired the Adams Family just down the block