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According to January 2015 research by Advertiser Perceptions, US media sellers allocated nearly 40% of their programmatic ad inventory to mobile. This was higher than the other two channels studied by 6 percentage points or more. However, buyers exhibited different behavior. Among this group, display still ruled, grabbing 41% of programmatic budgets, vs. 28% of inventory. Mobile took three in 10 programmatic dollars

While advertisers see many advantages to programmatic buying, and are increasing programmatic budgets as a result, many are uneasy about inventory. According to August research, more than half of US ad agency professionals are worried about the quality or transparency of their inventory sources.

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Buying display media in advance or in real-time: What you need to know

However, the benefits of programmatic, such as the real-time data and the ability to buy and sell inventory without the middlemen, means that premium inventory has slowly become more available in the programmatic space. This has been via the private marketplace, and more recently, buyers have gotten an option to buy premium inventory via programmatic guaranteed (also known as programmatic direct).

Nearly all agencies, ad platforms and advertisers are now using audience targeting to serve digital display ads. More than nine out of 10 agencies and ad platforms said they used targeting, according to data platform eXelate’s research from April 2013, and more than eight out of 10 advertisers said the same.

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Google announces AMP for Ads & AMP Landing Pages among DoubleClick news

responsive google-built native display ads for mobile; Dynamic native ads available programmatically Google first announced its new automated, responsive native ads — created on the fly from an advertiser-provided headline, image and text to match the look, feel and sizing of a publisher’s content — at Google Performance Summit in May. Now, advertisers using DoubleClick Bid Manager can buy these auto-generated native ads programmatically.

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5 Reasons Why Display Advertising Will Never Die

4. Formatted Display Advertising Fuels Programmatic Media And Creative

Need proof that IAB Display Rising Star Ads perform better than traditional ads for interaction? January 2015 research by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and C3Research found strong evidence to support this. Among US internet users studied who conducted a browsing exercise, 34% recalled interacting with Rising Star Ads—three times the 11% who interacted with legacy universal ad package (UAP) formats.