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My 365: Day 309: Stones

I poured 3 colors, left some white space, then brushed a bit black and blue color for grass and stone texture.

My 365 Day 310: "Beautiful Oops"

I came across a children's book called "Beautiful Oops" today and I just started dipping aluminum foil on the watercolor, dabbing it on.

My 365 Day 202: A Sleeping Cat

I usually avoid painting animals like plague. Sorry for the delay again. I fell asleep again. It's ra.

My 365 Day 121: Orange and Purple Together

My Project Log: Day Orange and Purple Together

My 365 Day 147: A Wish

There are times that I wish my parents were still here and told me what to do next.

My 365 Day 208: Blue Tulip

To get the broken and gradient look on watercolor, paint with a brush parallel to the paper and push it around as you can see on the .

My 365 Day 238: A flower created by pieces of masking tapes

The flower today is created by pieces of masking tapes which are randomly attached to the paper. And I just love the imperfection of th.

My 365 Day 274: Fall Greeting

It's a relaxing Sunday evening for me. So I just turned on music and started painting. I'd say this is my test drive for the real paint.

My 365 Day 122: Still Orange and Purple

Still orange and purple today. Just in a different setting.