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When you break it down, we really don't have them for very long. www.heartoflifephotography.com

Saturday - Heart of Life Photography

MTHIS NEEDS TO REPOSTED ITS REALLY IMPORTANT I SWEAR ITS NOT FAKE (because it would be really messed up if this was fake)

everyone put this on your most popular board!<<this is creeping me out because I feel like I've seen her somewhere. this is not funny, but this is my most popular board

9GAG - Faith in humanity restored!!!

Faith in humanity restored!!!

Humanity is not lost yet! aww the dog one made me tear up :(>>>>idk, bagel Jesus is my favorite

wow     http://www.dhutq.com/p

Reflection - When You Look Closely At These 10 Photos, You’ll See Why They Mean So Much. This is so sweet! I often wonder the the back story of people I see.

Faith In Humanity Restored –this is way cool

Funny pictures about Awesome campaign in the UK. Oh, and cool pics about Awesome campaign in the UK. Also, Awesome campaign in the UK.


This is adorable, and congrats to this mom for raising her little girl well.>>>this little girl is gorgeous! You go Raven Marie

Real Friends Don't Count Chromosomes

the lord works in mysterious this is totes presh. some times, I wish I had a down syndrome sibling! I love down syndrome people! they are so sweet and don't care what people say. so inspirational!

Some powerful images. I dont even know where to put this.

Some powerful images