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When He seems silent, it does not mean that He is a forgetful or absent God. It usually means that He is up to something greater than our minds can understand or our hearts can fathom. It's ok to place our "why's" in His capable hands. In fact, I think He absolutely, beyond a shadow of a doubt, loves to hear our "why's", because that means that we are living out our faith in a real and honest way. | | inspirations & encouragement for your home | scripture | quote | flower

Hole in an air mattress? Find it, melt a glue stick with a lighter and rub the melted part on the hole. Dries in seconds & your air mattress is as good as new!

It's an honor and a privilege to get an invitation into the behind-the-scenes of a friend's life. They are, in essence, asking us to be one of their Big Deal Friends. Leverage that opportunity! Celebrate the victories with them and encourage them with what they need most. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity to be this kind of friend :) | | DESIGN.ORGANIZE.SIMPLIFY

How reassuring that we don't have to hustle everyday to try and create the perfect environment. We don't have to survive thru each day trying to hold together the entire world. All because He is the Maker of ALL things | | inspirations & encouragement for your home

Did you know that He calls us Sought After? In capital letters no less! Like it's our official name. I love that! This Truth is where our heart and soul can find rest and security, even in our most insecure moments. | |

He is our secure place! He is near! Those words should sink in real deep. When we question and wonder and doubt and dream and hope, let's grab ahold of this Truth and hang on to its indescribable Promises! |

We don't have to chase finish lines. We don't have to be perfect in order to be at peace. We don't have to achieve success in order to be complete. We don't have to have what others have in order to have joy. We get to rest in the knowledge that God knew what He was doing when He created us. He knows what His plans are for us. He already sees the beauty that can come out of what we see as the "not enoughs" | | inspirations & encouragement | God | more than enough | 2…

Inspirations and encouragement for your home | sometimes it's a good thing to leave the door open | | DESIGN.ORGANIZE.SIMPLIFY

Encouragement for when we get stuck comparing ourselves to others | what God says about us | Hello it's my highlight reel | being real | comparison trap | worth | contentment | appearance | identity | worth | home decor | fashion | clothing | | inspiration and encouragement for a God centered home | inspirational quotes | scripture | bible verse