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Here Are Some Vintage Los Angeles Clown Photos So That You Will Have Pleasant Dreams

The Pierced Man, a circus performer from the 1930s

Vintage Gal: The Pierced Man, a circus performer from the Roger: This is awesome and disturbing.

A day at the circus Undated

In 1906 the Ringling Brothers bought the Barnum & Bailey Circus merged it with their own popular circus and ran the business successfully into the

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Circus Performer with elephant. please stop the abuse of circus animals by boycotting current circuses that use animals in their acts

Children of Circus performers. The children who were present in the Circus were always the joy of everyone. It was a time when you could forget about the hard work for a brief time and focus on the innocence of the children. Many of them had aspirations of being performers and would boast of their abilities both real and in fantasy.I thanks them for all the countless times their personalities lifted me up from the depths and gave me strength to go on.

There is a sadness in the elephant's eyes. Circus children with elephant. Vintage photo and a reminder Elephants don't belong there