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If you're being lied to, manipulated, conned, and it just goes on and on. You're dealing with someone who is not going to be any different, EVER! Walk away from the nonsense....Don't waste anymore of your precious time. Trust me!

The biggest regrets in my life are the ones where I will never have a second chance. Some lessons life lesson are so painful. I pray I never again let the last thing I see on a person face that I dearly love are their tears, even silent tears.

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Tim Ferriss' 8 Steps for Maximizing Efficacy — The Fit Nerd...I got so much out of listening to Tim Ferriss' podcast about his efficacy tips that I decided, what better thing to do than to make an infographic to make these tips accessible to all of his fans and personal development addicts like me?

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22 Quotes About True Wisdom

It's hard at times to be the mature one when they're calling you things out of anger and it's hard not say something back. But I've done this many many times trying to understand why they're upset..but the thing was, they didn't understand me and went ahead and made assumptions instead :/