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I actually like the idea that they've done militaristic missions before.

Texts From the Avengers : Photo

Clint Barton had a mission. He made a different choice (otp: love is for children. There nothing you can do to prevent me from shipping it)

Inspiration: Clint and Nat - I'm sorry.

Hawkeye and Black Widow: my favorite superhero couple :) <<< Stony & Clintasha for life!

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The Avengers, Hawkeye & Black Widow - Does anyone else really want to know what happened in Budapest?<------ Did Hawkeye just say space whales? I think the Doctor was in Budapest.

Yep. I know Clint has a family, but I still support Clintasha. *runs with a smile while Nat runs after me while loading ammo in her XT .22 Magnum* LOL!! Also, quick question: XT .22 Magnum is the type of gun Nat used in The Avengers, right? Or was it a different type of hand gun? Please let me know in the comments. Thanks!☺

NOBODY talks about how Cap isn't eating at ALL in this scene! HAHA he doesn't like the un-American food? Too strange for him? And where the HECK is Loki through all of this!

Clint and Natasha's daughter being picked up from ballet by her daddy.

Clint and Natasha's daughter being picked up from ballet by her daddy. <--- She's Russian, of course her kid is taking ballet lessons haha----> this is true lol


I have a feeling if one of my friends asked me this, I would respond exactly the same way as Hawkeye.