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Alexa Chung Style Highs & Lows

Tea and toast

I know this is supposed to be fashion-related but I just think this looks like it would make for such a happy morning

"Slowly Seeping Through My Hands:" The Wearable Art of Nikoline Liv Andersen

Evelyne Politanoff: "Slowly Seeping Through My Hands:" The Wearable Art of Nikoline Liv Andersen

The Best Natural Hair Products

Linda Rodin, stylist and founder of Rodin Olio Lusso gives off such a chic relaxed vibe

39 Blank Wall Solutions

Framed fabric - easy and great decoration, especially if you sew --- something to do with those extra bits of cloth you dont know what to do with! =D

Image 5 - This is linking back to image 2 my childhood nightmare. If I were to create something to do with clown’s I would like to create something like this. I’d use a range of colours often associated with clowns such as yellows, reds and blues. When I think clowns I instantly think balls and circles. When I look at the balls in this hair it reminds of clowns juggling or the balls often worn on their clothes.

@trendland #ripped #jeans are a classic American creation, they have been popular since the 60's and are a staple in any fashion denim loving persons closet. Jeans are one of the most personalized articles of clothing b/c they mold to you. My 1st year college roomie had the greatest pair & someone stole them from the laundry shame on them such bad karma

Miller Logo Fringe Flat T-Strap

This is such a cute outfit! You could so make this work during all of the seasons which I love!!!