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Your best is going to change from moment to moment; it will vary with physical and emotional ups and downs. (View only)

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Required Reading For All Ten Year Old Girls ~ A Manifesto on Body Image and Self Confidence…

Required Reading For All Ten Year Old Girls ~ A Manifesto on Body Image and Self Confidence...

A super specimen of Hematite variety Iron Rose from the Riederalp area near Morel, Switzerland. This specimen is actually an excellent intergrown cluster of many Iron Roses. The Hematite crystals, measuring to 2cm across the major face, are thin hexagonal tabular crystals with beveled edges, up to 1mm thick. They have brilliant mirror metallic luster, and typical Hematite colour. A small amount of colourless-white Adularia can be seen at the base of the specimen.

A test of love: if someone truly cares for you, they'll never put you in the line of fire. If you are only an option in their life, they'll always think what you can do for them, without regarding your own dignity, safety, or feelings. So discern with your heart, and choose carefully what you allow, or should not allow anymore in your life! ~~Angela

It's imperative that you learn to love yourself because if you don't, you will then attract the wrong people. When you are confident, you acknowledge your strengths and value your worth. This in turn exudes an aurora that radiates self-love and self-acceptance. ❤️ <--- this pinner!