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Holly Leaf Necklace  Holly Berry Earrings by CreatedinTheWoods, $26.95

Holly Leaf Necklace, Holly Berry Earrings, Golden Holly Leaf, Holly Berries, Gold Leaf Necklace, Holly Leaf, Bronze Leaf, Holiday Earrings

Four Leaf Clover Necklace Shamrock Necklace by CreatedinTheWoods, $18.95

Four Leaf Clover Necklace, Shamrock Necklace, Good Luck Necklace, Emerald Necklace, Silver Clover Necklace, Clover Necklace, Lucky Necklace

Gold Snowflake Necklace Gold Snowflake Charm by CreatedinTheWoods, $18.95

Gold Medallion Necklace, Star Necklace, Gold Snowflake, Gold Snowflake Charm, Star Charm, Star Necklace, Snowflake Necklace

Honeybee locket  Bee necklace Silver honeybee by CreatedinTheWoods

Honeybee locket , Bee necklace, Silver honeybee, Nature locket, Bee, Honeybee, Keepsake locket, Apiary Necklace, Photo Locket, Wish locket

Bird Necklace Glass Cabochon Necklace Tree of by CreatedinTheWoods

Bird Necklace, Glass Cabochon Necklace, Tree of Life Pendant, Branch Necklace, Bluebird Necklace, Tree of Life Necklace, Reversible Necklace

Denim Blue Crystal Necklace Emerald Cut by CreatedinTheWoods

Denim Blue Crystal Necklace, Emerald Cut Crystal, Wedding Necklace, Something Blue, Swarovski Blue Crystal, Montana Blue Crystal, Bridal

Vesuvianite pendant Faceted dowsing pendulum by CreatedinTheWoods, $18.95

Vesuvianite pendant, Faceted dowsing pendulum, Italian Vesuvianite, Idocrase pendant, Dowsing pendant, Natural Gemstone Pendant, Dowsing

Lapis Lazuli Necklace Lapis Necklace Flower by CreatedinTheWoods

Lapis Lazuli Necklace, Lapis Necklace, Flower Accented Lapis Lazuli, Round Lapis, Blue Lapis Lazuli Necklace, Lapis Pendant, Cobalt Blue

Emerald Necklace Emerald Chessboard Crystal by CreatedinTheWoods

Emerald Necklace, Emerald Chessboard Crystal Necklace, Round Emerald, May Birthstone Necklace,Bezel Set Emerald, Filigree Emerald Necklace