typical potter.

Severus Snape' s portrait meets James Sirius Potter. and learns his brother's name.

 ha ha... but really Snape was a good guy. He just held a grudge.

Snape really wouldn't have been appreciative of having a Potter named after him. Snape loved Lily, but he hated Harry, James, and just about everyone else. why does Snape have a beard?

It's been 10 years, do we really need a spoiler warning? - So yes, I'm sorry ... I rushed it in the end. Someday I'll return to this, but it's been 2 days straight working on this in a cafe in Lond...

Beyond the Veil by *Avender on deviantART Sirius Black and James Potter reunited again! So Harry saw Kings Cross because that was where he could escape from the normal world to Hogwarts. Sirius escaped from Hogwarts to his friends.

Yes. Yes, yes and yes.

Harry Potter - Minerva McGonagall, Severus Snape, Pamona Sprout & Dumbledore - "team spirit" by makani --- This TOTALLY happened.

Harry Potter fan art

One of my favorites - Andromeda messing with her sisters - art by Makani, Harry Potter

19 Years Later! I need more Teddy Lupin and Victoire fanart :3

Teddy is looking fiiiiine. Why does he have naturally turquoise hair though in drawings? Why not pink or orange?<<I feel he would have pink hair occasionally to honor his mother Tonks.

Absolutely serious

someone said I should draw some Harry and Draco, but since I don’t exactly ship them I drew them as bros. seriously, Harry-Draco bromance happening is something my heart desires, hehehe I am sorry, I.

If u don't know who that dog is, you are not welcome here. JK<<<

If you don't know who the doc is, go and watch Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban at least or else there is no point in being on you laptop or phone.

Emma Watson Made A Good Speech, But This Just Made It Even Better.

Emma Watson Made A Good Speech, But This Just Made It Even Better.