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- Going to be relaxing the everyday posts a bit. I've been getting busier with other work and I want to take some breaks to focus on bigger projects and series that I can't complete in one day!


features the direction, design & photography work of Jake Sargeant.

Star Trek Into Darkness - Jorge Almeida

I’m a massive Star Trek fan. So I’m super-excited that Jorge Almeida took some time to discuss his work on Star Trek Into Darkness — for which he was the lead designer of the UI e…

Ford F-150 2015 » [Toros Kose]

work — TOROS KOSE New York based art director and motion designer. Work from the Henry Ford Museum in Detroit.

Deus Ex Human Revolution - User Interface on Wacom Gallery

Here is a quick compilation on work i have done on Deus Ex Human Revolution. That includes motion graphics, art direction, user interface design.

Created by Princemio in collaboration with onformative, the Pathfinder project was created with aim to contribute to the creative processes of choreographic