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St. Stephan's Purse, also Stephansburse, is part of the Crown Jewels of the Holy Roman Empire. It is a reliquary in the form of a pilgrim's bag that contains earth from Jerusalem, which is soaked with the blood of St. Stephen.

St. Stephen's Purse is a reliquary in the form of a purse (pilgrim's bag). The original wooden core contains hollow recesses in which relics were kept, 9th century.

In 751, the Lombards took Ravenna and began to pressure Rome. In response, Pope Stephen II turned to the de facto Frankish king, Pepin 'le Bref' (the Short) for assistance. In return for a pontifical recognition of his crown, Pepin crossed the Alps, defeated Aistulf, and forced the Lombardic king to relinquish those territories he had extracted from the papacy.