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My #globalshift friend @dailymondo and i both have strong clear goals set for ourselves and our futures. This allows us to rule out failure as we only see failure as when and if we truly give up going for what we desire. We plan meticulously each step of the wayto make it easier snd clearer for us to go from step to step until we reach our ideal destination. Image credit @davidgandy_official by millionaire.incorporated

Had to repost this from @tacklingadulthood - golden. Have you ever heard the phrase "Energy is infectious. If not glad to have introduced it to you. Nonetheless you are who you are through the mere act of association. Refuse to allow people who cannot appreciate you to dictate how you handle your affairs. Don't be around the person who is only around when it's convenient for them. The testament of a real friend is not how much they do for you in their presence rather in their absence. If…

"Your friends should motivate & inspire you. Your circle should be well rounded & supportive. Keep it tight. Quality over quantity always." @dulceruby by thinkgrowprosper

I think what this quote really means is be prepared to try as many things as possible. The most successful entrepreneurs ship very fast. It's all about speed of implementation. Some things fail! Want a good example? Only 8 people bought the foundr t-shirts and over 150 people commented and told us they wanted them. We tested we implemented fast and learnt you guys aren't interested in buying t-shirts! End of story! If you like this quote tag a friend that needs to see this and double tap…

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Don't be afraid to travel alone! Double tap & tag friends Via my good friend @thegentlemensrulebook by words2success

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