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This is a great way to do a statement piece or wall. This one is in a frame. And again you can make it any size and any color. Get poster board, cut it into a bunch of circles, spray paint the circles, then glue them to a canvas or cardboard.

Create inexpensive, graphic wall art by cutting poster paper in circles, spray painting them, and then layering the circles in a fishscale pattern on fiberboard.

bright fun design

I like the idea of getting a big chunky piece of ugly furniture from goodwill and painting a fun pastel color. for a kitchen or living room space?

Depends on which way this window faces. If you are obsessed with plants, turn your book shelve into a plant shelf. Good way to display them and free up your floor space.

[ Bedroom Decorating Ideas ] Get The Color Of Royalty In The Bedroom >>> Check out the image by visiting the link. #TeenRoomDecor

[ Bedroom Decorating Ideas ] Get The Color Of Royalty In The Bedroom >>> Check out the image by visiting the link. #TeenRoomDecor

Cork Globe / Sharing your globetrotting experiences is now possible from the Cork Globe on the table which comes with additional push pins for attachment. http://thegadgetflow.com/portfolio/cork-globe/

Cork Globe

Cork Globe - Pinpoint Your Travels - Stick pins in the places you’ve been or plan your future travels. Full-size Ø cork globe with a clear and simple world map: pinpoint cities and tick-off countries as you journey around the planet.

Real Simple Bedroom; sleepily cheerful (image from Flickr)

I love a nice mix of patterns on a bed. I think it ads a nice focal point to a bedroom. Some people prefer a bed room very serene, thus .

Well lovely reader, we are past the holidays and each day the daylight hours are increasing. Our holidays were quiet as they are these d.


Sophisticated Art for Baby's Room. Shop our charming collection of Baby Animals at The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose. Come see Baby Monkeys, Baby Porcupines, and more!


Have all the kids in the school bring one piece of plastic from home to recycle into art. The more colorful the better. This could be an interesting project for a lesson on recycling

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Rubelli Casa 2015 Catalogue