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At work, no one would ever guess I'm tattooed. And at the same time when I'm out and about wearing my ink proudly no one would ever guess I'm a health care provider. I may save your life someday.

CHRISTIAN=NO TATTOOS. Teach them TRUTH. Stop satan leading them to mis-intrepret the Holy Word. That reason is NOT any Christian justification which GOD would ordain to mark the body. It shows blind ignorance by following satan's wishes. That is NAIVE children being mis-led by satan with MARKS OF THE BEAST. ---GOD's LAW PREVAILS--LEVITICUS: 19:28 DO NOT MARK THE BODY. That law is not to be abused, ignored, or tossed away.

Inspired by Bible Scripture John not judge according to appearance, but judge with righteous judgment.” This design is a great reminder that we should not be judging people by whats on the outside. White & light blue Print on black tank-top.

Tattoo Idea!

Sigil-style typography - a good Initial Cap-sort of - visual tease to the work it supports - MK “Love” by Dirk Bell. Every letter from the word "love" is stacked upon your heart, for it makes your heart whole again

Dont panic! Yes, i have tattoos!! Plan on more of them too

"STOP STARING" I know I have visible tattoos, it is one thing to look at them and it is another to stare at my tattoos and judge me for them!


Nor does it make me a hooligan, gangsta, dirty, slutty (man-whore), or any more of a sinner than I already am. Don't quote the bible on me. So taking things out of context to try and say that I shouldn't get a tattoo or a piercing doesn't work.