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Three museums, each highlighting a different period of art, are housed at Alte Pinakothek. The museums are within walking distance of each other, so you can easily explore all three on foot or by bicycle. First, stop by one of the oldest art galleries in the country. #AltePinakothek #traveling #tour #inspirock #inspirocktraveling

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Situated where the Swiss, German, and French borders meet, Basel is considered the hub of Dreilandereck, this "three countries corner." Its location makes Basel a center of culture and history, brimming with important theaters and museums. #Basel #traveling #tour #inspirock #inspirocktravel

At Ambras Castle, see Archduke Ferdinand II's collections of art, crafts, and curiosities. Commissioned in the 16th century by one of the most important patrons of the Habsburg family, the castle served as the archduke's residence from 1563 to 1595. #AmbrasCastle #tour #familytour #traveling #inspirock #inspirocktravel

Considered a cultural, artistic, and architectural jewel of Italy, Florence is the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. Europe's unquestioned capital of culture, politics, and finance during the Middle Ages, the city has a turbulent history, including a period of rule by the powerful Medici family. #BirthplaceoftheItalianRenaissance #tour #inspirock #inspirocktravel

See British democracy in action at Houses of Parliament. During the week, all British residents and overseas visitors can watch legislators debating for free. If your visit falls on a Saturday, or during the summer recess, you'll be able to take a guided tour of the building. #HousesofParliament #traveling #tour #inspirock #inspirocktravel

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