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Metallic Square & Compasses Emblem. $9.00, via Etsy.

Metallic Square & Compasses Emblem

Metallic Square & Compasses Emblem by FossilBluff on Etsy I think I could make a fondant mold out of this!

Round Hill Lodge 533 F & A M: Officer's Mtg. 09/05 @ 7:30PM www.RoundHillLodge.com #EndicottFreemasons #Freemasonry #LeadingTheWay

Savez Ujedinjenih Velikih Loza Srbije , The Alliance of United Grand Lodges of Serbia.

Masonic Scotch Whisky

Old Masters Freemason Blended Scotch Whisky,,, I wonder if there is a bourbon?

A collection of Masonary interest.

Secret Societies work against God’s Purposes. They work to establish some who are set apart from others.

Masonic Supply Shop -  Past Masters Jewel 25, $37.50 (http://www.masonicsupplyshop.com/past-masters-jewel-25/)

Past Masters Jewel 25 DIS

We're born

Tru Blood / and that's a party of the reason as to what scares me. Yes my lineage traces back to [CIA REDACTED TEXT HERE] but because my grandfather wasn't a very active Shriner, I think the tradition broke. My father is clueless about the orders.