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Day Cutest Member Now i know you are all probably tired of me not deciding on a single member for like half of these pins...but honestly! they are all cute in their own ways. UNIQUE :) .......their dance moves in this picture say it all

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Classic Victoria sandwich

Classic Victoria sandwich. You can't go wrong with this perfect party cake - full of spongey goodness. Makes a super-simple wedding cake, too

from Perfect-Body ApS - Køb Hudpleje, DermaRoller, Ansigtspleje

Læbemaske (5 stk.)

Wheatus(One Direction covered this at Mohegan Sun) I LOVE BOTH THE ORIGINAL VERSION AND THE COVER BY 1D

I now have several patterns for 'traditional' bears, but this pattern was the one i used for my first ever 'proper' bear (i say that cos i usually make more unconventional fluffies). This pattern is by Sengster and i'd definitely recommended it for first time bear makers (or even those who have been sewing for a while). If you're new to using fake fur (it can be a little trickier to sew with ~ thickness, et.c.) try sewing a backing onto the fur first ~ i use felt, makes it easier, imo :)

I might not get any likes but I'm just gonna say it's because there aren't a lot of guys following me

OMG Uncle Si it's all thanks to you!! There would BE no One Direction without you! :')

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Community Post: 20 Hottest Guys From YouTube.

Day 7: First Youtuber you ever watched. Tyler Oakley!! It was all because Eleanor retweeted his video about One Direction. I've been hooked on watching youtubers ever since.