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Lampshade French Lamp Shade Floral Vintage Shade - 5x10x7 Hex Bell - Pretty Floral Style - Custom Fabric Shade

Lamp Shade Yellow Toile Lampshade French Designer Fabric Shades, Swing Arm Lampshade - 7x12x8 Hex - Vintage Style

Bell Lamp Shade , Yellow French Toile by lampshadelady Lakes Lampshades

RESERVED FOR VERONICA: Shabby Chic Lampshade, Pink French Lamp Shade, to Die for Vintage Fabric 5x10x7 - the real deal, pretty pretty

Hurricane Lampshade White Lamp Shade Vintage White Embroidery - Classic Blue Trim - 5x12x7 Chimney Lamp Shade

Hard to find Hurricane Lampshade Lamp Shade : Vintage White by lampshadelady@ Lakes Lampshades

Strawberry Lampshade Uno Lamp Shade, red and green bridge lampshade 7x12x8 scallop hex made from vintage applique linen by lampshadelady on Etsy

Square Bell Lampshade Orange Japanese Fabric

Bromley Lamp Shade Lampshade Skiing Vintage Postcard Lampshade, 5x10x7 clip top, Peru Vermont - Ski Home Decor - Vermont Skiing