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Here are our ComiCon exclusives! We also have an American Legends Preview book I'll pop that up shortly didn't have the cover. Our signing and panel schedule is at the link here:

Bushido 3 this week by Rob Levin and Studio Hive!!! Free preview:

Free digital comics!! Cyber Force 1-5 Think tank 1 Son of Merlin #1 Aphrodite IX #1

Read Aphrodite IX #1 for FREE!

Aphrodite IX/Cyber Force and Wildfire 2 in stores this week!

Photo shows the 2nd printing of Aphrodite IX #1 and the second issue that is in stores in 8 days and that art to the right is the finished art for the 3rd issue! Stjepan Šejić is a machine, this book won't be late!