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Alex Jones Show: Friday (9-20-13) Paul Craig Roberts, Rocky Anderson & Mike Adams ConspiracyScope2. LOVE MIKE ADAMS.

This is how you recognize the 72 hrs prior to martial law ... must watch ... Cyber war on banks already beta tested ... Banking Virus False Flag That Will Set Off Martial Law

Breitbart: I Have Obama College Films that will change this election. Before he could release the tapes Breitbart died of "natural causes" at age 43, while walking home by himself at night.?????

❥ How many times have you heard, "I don't believe in the New World Order"? That's what they're counting on.

Congresswoman Uses Steak, Vodka, And Caviar To Hammer Republicans On Food Stamp Cuts: They each received almost $200 for a single meal, paid for by US taxes. “Another member was given $3,588 for food and lodging during a 6-day trip to Russia. That particular member has 21,000 food stamp recipients in his district. One of those people who is on food stamps could live a year on what this congressman spent on food and lodging for 6 days,” she added.

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