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To do list

I would fall and die laughing if some random car did number 10 to me while I was running! I love numbers 4 & 10

Should you choose th accept doing this evil thing

Best prank ever.I would hate to be on the receiving end - I would be soooo freaked out<<<<< this just got added to my bucket list.

<3 from the website: manteresting.com BAHAHAHAHA they got jealous!!!!

Oh my god, I really wanna try the elevator thing for now, but the teacher thing will obviously be a recommendation in a future friend that happens to be one

100 Crazy Things To Do With Your Best Friend!

I zoological need to try this. Especially the Diet Water one! Ahhh so funny. 😐😊😆😄😅😀😁😂😲🐓 Whachoo lookin at rooster!

Yes!! With a message that says: "I hidden the treasure-" I would then cut it off and it would be confusing to the person... eh well... trying to trick whoever finds this i know i would fail... What message would you put?

Bucket list: send a message in a bottle. Who knows, someone might write back! Id put my email inside to see who would write back

What to do in an  elevator I seriously want to do some of these

I would only do have of these Btw these are all supposed to happen in an elevator