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Take a 4-wheel drive about a half an hour north of Lanai City and you will discover Kaiolohia, also known as Shipwreck beach.

Living in the Moment on the Island of Lanai

Del Mar

It's on my mental bucket list: learn to surf and live somewhere where I can continue to surf.

Done! October 2016


Visit the Library of Congress. It has a copy of every book ever published.

skydiving on my bucket list

or the surf board, tennis racquet, abseiling rope or go-kart steering wheel. With the school summer holidays on the horizon, Martin Symington picks ten adrenaline-flecked family breaks

Maybe someday

send a letter to a random address and see if they write back. Variation: Write Christmas letters to strangers in the neighborhood

A war-dog wonder: parachuting dogs being sent on secret missions in Afghanistan. Dropping from 10,000 feet in the air these dogs glide in" to land "unnoticed" and they "often carry cameras and are trained to attack anyone carrying a weapon. This dog and his handler are part of the Austrian special forces group.

Awesome to realize what dogs will do. Uploaded from Military Working Dogs photo album. Go Dog, GO!

maybe i just want to go becz of percy jackson :D

Go to Greece. Study the architecture, art and general history of Greece-oh, and eat LOTS of yummy Greek food too of course.