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Single Leg Stunt All girl.. I would change my secondarys hand placement...

<3#dance #cheer #football #workout

senior cheer shoes on the last game of the season next year

Cheerleading Tumbling ! #mindcheers #cheerstyles

Just makes me laugh because I broke my hand doing this. I pushed my limits doing back-hand-springs, and get casted for 12 weeks. Lesson learned: Not everything is meant to be pushed.

wowowow this really puts it in perspective.

Beautiful needle picture with the sun.

Run Like Channing Tatum (tank) @Olivia García García Mutchler

Cheerleading Confessions. Awwwww I feel so bad but happy at the fact she's not feeling bad for her self I love it you go girl!

Ole Miss cheerleading, #cheer, college, collegiate, #hottytoddy, sports, game, stunt, cheerleaders, heel stretch, extension level m.13.2 #KyFun