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Hibermate: Like A Do Not Disturb Sign For Your Face

Sleeping can sometimes be a task, especially in crowded environments. The Hibermate wants to help you, both by covering your eyes and ears and enveloping you in a quiet cocoon,…

Give your light switches at home a creative twist with these kooky toggle light switches. These fully functional light switches use gears and leverage to turn on and off your lights, and are a perfect gift idea for an engineer's home or office.


Sony Attachable Zoom Lens For Smartphones

Sony Attachable Zoom Lens For Smartphones / The Sony DSC-QX10/W is a zoom lens and sensor that turns your smartphone into what looks like a conventional camera.

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Remember the crazy and popular Ostrich Pillow? the perfect companion to nap, disconnect and dream. Hibermate is another product creating a buzz on Kickstarter, it is perfect for a power nap, sleeping in airplanes, the airport, or even blocking out yo

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A $30,000 Waterbed That Vibrates With Music

The Tranquility Pod - A 6 foot wide temperature-controlled waterbed with LED mood lighting and an 80-watt audio system. - A girl can dream... ;)

Ovei Pod –This is like a private digital sanctuary with built in PC running MS Windows, air conditioning, speakers everywhere, massive screen and touch screen control panel