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The International Faith Conference is life changing. I have attended since 2009 and the knowledge and wisdom that is taught is invaluable! Personal favorites: Dr.Bill Winston, Bishop Tudor Bismarck and Dr. David Oyedepo. Located in Forest Park, IL always in September!

Shoe Hacks that will make your feet smile

Shoe Hacks that will make your feet smile

Robert Downey Jr. gets sassed by Don Cheadle at the "Iron Man 3" press conference in London (and responds to a fan...)

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21 Delicious NYC Foods That Won't Break The Bank

21 Of The Best Cheap Eats In New York City. If I ever go to New York, I know where I want to go:)

I was into Target, and I saw these guys looking at the CDs, they were taking their time just browsing. So I walked up and handed them the new five seconds of summer live albulm and said, if you want good music buy this, they r one of the best bands. They listened and bought the cd!

Hey guys, I'm a new sorta admin person here. I hope you all like my pins, thank you for inviting me. I look forward to pinning on this board ;)

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19 Reasons You Were Cooler Than Everyone Else In High School

I know Death of a Bachelor,LA Devotee, Don't threaten me with a good time,Emperor's New Clothes,I write sins not tragedies, and Victorious. Yeah I hate when people are like," Yeah I love that music!" And they turn out to know to know one song from Panic! At The Disco. And I'm over there like *Facepalm* <<<< is that all you know? I could go further with older songs like camisado and hurricane

((Be the girl? Just jump in.)) I walked down the street with my hoodie pulled up. People always made fun of me for the way I looked. It hurt but I was usually a happy go lucky person. I always tried to see the good side, even if there really wasn't one. I felt like I needed to try. Checking the time, I realized I was gonna be late for my job. I broke into a run. Just as I made it to the coffee shop, I ran into a girl who was coming out and I spilled her drink. "I am so sorry!" I cried out…

"Four and a half hour skype calls are the best" ~Dan >>> "wow 5 hours and 42 minutes on Skype xD that's a new record. the best thing before you go to bed though :) good night guys <3" ~ Dan on another night <3

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31 Incredibly Helpful Tips And Hacks For A New Baby

When you’re this exhausted every little bit helps.