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Starting and running your own business can be crazy. Like trying to answer two phones at once while the delivery man is knocking at the door with a package for you. Believe me I know exactly how you feel. Ive been there and done that! (both starting my own business and the crazy phone situation). Ever found yourself wondering if there is an easier way? Its actually quite simple: get help! Oh but I couldnt possibly! Theres no one that can do these things for me. I cant afford it! You can make…

from Melyssa Griffin

Why Freelancing Actually Has More Job Security Than a 9-5

Why Freelancing Actually Has More Job Security Than a 9-5 - Melyssa Griffin

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Videos are great but do you know why we still need to right what were talking about? #Video is great! Its an amazing dynamic way to interact with your audience. Just look at the way @marieforleo includes her love of music into her Q&A Tuesday videos. Or how @daniellelaporte audios clearly transmit the poetry in her words. But even if you have the most amazing video in the world youll still need to #write about what youre talking about. For one simple reason that youve probably heard…

Successful women's work routines
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How 7 Female Leaders Spend Their First Hour at Work