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My morning ritual red berry tea and a look at what needs to get done :) #va #tea #morning #ritual

Nothing like a cup of tea in a "stormy" day :) #working #home

Good morning :) what will you do today to serve your audience?

Starting and running your own business can be crazy. Like trying to answer two phones at once while the delivery man is knocking at the door with a package for you. Believe me I know exactly how you feel. Ive been there and done that! (both starting my own business and the crazy phone situation). Ever found yourself wondering if there is an easier way? Its actually quite simple: get help! Oh but I couldnt possibly! Theres no one that can do these things for me. I cant afford it! You can make…

IMPORTANT MESSAGE Technical snafu may be keeping you for reaching me. My contact form was not working properly and emails from that form weren't reaching me. If you've emailed me recently and haven't heard back I might not have gotten your message. The form is know fixed so you can reach me at Or if you prefer email me directly at: #va #contact

Getting some work done with @asana and my #DesireMap daily planner :)