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Remember the 3F rule. If you aren't Fucking me, Feeding me or Financing me, then your opinions don't really matter. So go and fuck yourself.

My spirits are gloomy today and so is the weather. Nothing like a sunny picture and kind words to make it better. There is no charm equal to tenderness of heart. ~Jane Austen Source: via Donna on Pinterest ~found on Pinterest. Encourage one another, Donna

My mom once left me a note after a long day that said, "Don't take no shit from NOBODY." I carry those words like a tattoo.

Get Over It I got over it im not with him so leave me alone I aint got anything to do with you and him

Sometimes it seems like I should have chosen a different route, but I chose a degree that encompassed something that I love. I love creating and making something out of nothing. It is stressful and frustrating, but there is no looking back, and no regrets

This is the most accurate thing I've ever read, no joke.